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Xiao Ai Ping Kou Fu Ye


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Xiao Ai Ping Kou Fu Ye

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product information
Drug name: Xiao Ai Ping Kou Fu Ye
Search tagTraditional Chinese drugs Drug supporting Anti-cancer Drugs
Product categories: Traditional Chinese Medicine  
Production unit: Yang Ling Ke Seng Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd
Approval number: guo yao zhun zi No.Z20050778
specifications: *
ingredients: Mainly contains: Black bone rattan
Usage and dosage: Oral administration. One tablet one time and 3 times one day.
Product function
Has effects of anti-cancer, anti-inflammation and antiasthma. Used for treatment of malignant tumor, like esophagus, stomach and lung cancer; also has effects on colon and cervical cancer, as well as leukemia. Can be used in radiotherapy, chemotherapy and treatment after operation. Also can be used to treat chronic bronchitis and bronchial asthma.
Contact information
Sales company: 楊凌科森生物制藥有限責任公司
contact: 張榮輝
telephone: 029-82493925 )
fax: 029-84621062
Mobile phone: 13289235999
Contact address: 楊凌示范區東風路1號
The company web site:   
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